Fifi’s Face Painting was started by
Thea Kearney in Spring 2013.

Thea_Kearney Baby Photo
Thea (a.k.a. Fifi) at 1 year old

After a great experience volunteering at her son’s elementary school to be a face painter at the annual school fair, her passion for painting was renewed. After working for over 20 years as a graphic designer for web and print, Thea decided to start a business as a face painter to allow her the time and resources to continue painting. Having previously painted with oils and acrylics on canvas, she discovered that painting on faces is even more fun! Especially painting on adorable children’s faces and seeing the delight in their eyes when they are transformed into their favorite superhero, butterfly, princess or other favorite character.

Why the name Fifi’s Face Painting?

Fifi is taken from Thea’s name. When she was little she couldn’t pronounce the “th” sound in her name, so her parents called her Fifi as a nickname.

Thea can be reached by phone at 646-239-3975. See the Frequently Asked Questions for more specific information about Fifi’s Face Painting (formerly Face Painting by Thea).